The elegant KS-dib-1500R Electronic Bidet is one of the premium products and leaves its competition way behind when it comes to innovation and intelligence. KS-dib-1500R Electronic Bidet comes with the most elegant remote control panel with the widest LED screen which allows you to personalize functions including water temperature, pressure and even gentle cycling massage feature. It offers a heated seat with options to adjust temperature to suit your personal needs. When ready the user simply touches the Wash button for an aerated warm water wash which is followed by an air dry. At the same time, its powerful deodorizer works to neutralize most of the embarrassing odour. Electronic Bidet seat's Wash and Dry functions can continue up to two minutes however, one can switch to another function at any time. KS-dib-1500R Electronic toilet seat also offers PULSE feature which can be used alone or in combination with the regular MASSAGE feature. When used in combination of MASSAGE, it offers an indulging experience of pulsating massage.

Personalized Settings:

The elegant and most advanced remote control of KS-dib-1500R Electronic Bidet can store 4 members’ personalized settings, which means a user does not need to adjust seat, water or air temperature at each visit. All one needs in order to recall his/her personalized saved settings is to press the personal number digit on the remote control and the electronic bidet would retrieve the personalized stored settings.

Continuous and Instant Warm Water Supply:

Continuous and Instant Warm Water Supply: This state of the art Electronic Toilet seat distinguishes itself by offering instant heating which provides you unlimited supply of warm water, use after use. Water heats only during the time when you are actually using the wash function. Moreover, instant heating mechanism in KS-dib-1500R Electronic Bidet seat results in more energy savings as the heat to water is applied instantaneously starting at the moment when user presses the wash button and is stopped immediately after the user either touches STOP or Dry function hence resulting in energy savings.

This elegant and smart model is also equipped with state-of-art smart power saving function that calculates the most frequently used hours of day by itself for the maximum energy savings. Moreover, it uses the hi-tech single wand technology which has been precision calibrated for offering various type of wash options without multiple wands. This product is equipped with most advanced seat sensor and Self Diagnostic firmware. KS-dib-1500R Electronic Toilet seat is rated as the best product in its range and is available in Round and Elongated sizes.